VooDoo Lab Mounting Bracket Set

Product image 1VooDoo Lab Mounting Bracket Set
Product image 2VooDoo Lab Mounting Bracket Set
Product image 3VooDoo Lab Mounting Bracket Set

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VooDoo Lab Mounting Bracket set

Easy and sturdy mounting brackets specifically designed for VooDoo LAB Power Supplies to fit perfectly on any Soulman Pedalboard model. Each Soulman Pedalboard features small holes on the top that are compatible with the brackets when mounting the power supply. With adjustable slotted holes, you can easily position the brackets exactly where you need them. All the necessary screws come included in the kit for hassle-free setup.

For smaller pedalboards such as the XS and S series, we suggest using the Pedal Power 3 / 3 Plus. These units are lighter and flatter, making them the ideal choice. If you are unsure about space and mounting methods, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to assist and provide guidance.  

!!! The Brackets are sold as a pair. Screws included.

Suitable for VooDoo Lab Power Supplies:

- Pedal Power 2 Plus, Pedal Power 3, Pedal Power 3 Plus

- Pedal Power x4 and x8

- Pedal Power ISO5, 4x4, Mondo

- Other 

- 1 SPOT PRO CS7, CS12

Mounting Instructions.

1. "Detach the screws located on the side of the power supply."

2. Adjust the mounting bracket to the side and locate suitable holes. You can either use different holes to securely attach the power supply flat to the pedalboard, or mount it higher to allow space for DC cables between the power supply and the pedalboard.

3. The mounting kit comes equipped with four screws that are used to attach the brackets to the power supply. Due to the added thickness of the mounting brackets, the original screws may be too short to effectively secure all components in place. (For best results, please use the supplied screws.)

4. Once the brackets are securely in place and the screws are tightened, simply slide your power supply under the pedalboard and align it with the mounting holes that best suit your needs.

5. Attach the unit to the pedalboard using the included four M3 screws. Place screws from the top of the pedalboard and the nuts from underneath. (For extra durability, use the teeth washers on the screws. Another good option is to use Thread locker like the Loctite 222)

6. Kudos! You've officially fastened the core of the pedalboard and are good to go rock out!

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