Soulman S33 Pedalboard

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Soulman S33 Pedalboard

33 x 24 cm offers you enough space for 3-5 pedals. A perfect solution for the super compact pedalboard. 


  • Suitable for  3 - 5 pedals. (Mad Professor size)
  • Space for effect mounting: 33 x 24 cm
  • One slot for a module. Combo Module Highly recommended. (Modules not included, sold separately)
  • Possible to mount the Side Input Module, Left / Right. ( Not possible to mount both Signal Modules / Power Switch / Combo Module and Side Module at the same side because of the small board size. )
  • Measurements including teak sides: 26 cm x 36 cm x 8 cm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg

Click HERE to check out the SOULMAN S33 COLLECTION where you'll find all the modules, cases and other add-ons.


All Soulman Pedalboards are made of 2 mm aluminium. The sheets are laser cut for perfect edges and cut outs, CNC-bent for great precision and powder coated with a satin smooth structure for a superior look. The surface is just perfect for attaching Velcro or 3M Dual Lock as well as cable tie anchors and markings. The shape and design makes our Pedalboards both extremely lightweight and durable.

The wooden sides have been an essential part of the design since the start in 2013, giving the Pedalboards a furniture kind of look with a recognizable"synth like Moogy" feeling. The wood sides (attached with M4 screws) are easy to loosen and replace if the accident were to occur... or if you just feel that a change in color and style is the next update to your board.


In 2016 we sharpened the tool as we launched our first pedalboard with integrated modules. Two slots where one is meant for our power switch module and the other one is for a signal module. Add these modules on and you’ll have a plug & play solution, just as practical as you can imagine. 

Power Switch Module

The power switch module works as the pedalboard On/Off button, feeding your power supply and saves you the joy of walking to the nearest power outlet to pull out the plug when your rehearsal is done. 

Signal Module

Instead of having cables all over the pedalboard it is a much better idea to gather all INs & OUTs in a signal module and minimize the risk of loose connection and signal failure. The signal modules are fully customizable and easy to change as your setup also tends to change through the years. 

Quality connectors

We use only Neutrik connectors as we consider them to be the best there is. No shortcuts. Ever.



Since 2014 when it all began, Soulman has constantly stayed creative and innovative, manufacturing high quality pedalboards, cases and accessories for both touring professionals and bedroom players. Through an excellent collaboration with musicians all over the world and our own innovative mindset and craftmanship we are able to deliver a superior platform for your pedals.

 The Soulman Pedalboards are all manufactured locally in Ostrobotnia, Finland.

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