Mad Professor - Dual Blue Delay

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Rich, fat, warm sound and well thought out functionality make the Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay one of the most clever, intuitive, and easy to use delay pedals currently available.

The short delay has a maximum delay time of 315ms and a fatter tone well suited for slapback and old-school tape echo tones. Long delay reaches 810ms and has a modern delay voicing, great for lead and ambient tones.

Both delays have wide range Tone controls for dialing in the perfect setting. Switch between the two delay channels or combine both together for huge dual-delay sounds. Keeping the On/Off switch depressed for 1 second brings you an exciting rhythmic multi-head mode. A must-have for all instrumental rock and Pink Floyd fans.Tap Tempo function is also included for use on the Long delay channel.

Dual Blue Delay is a powerful and intuitive pedal for the progressive musician.


  • Short delay goes from 35ms to 315ms. This mode’s fatter tone suits slapback and vintage echo effects.
  • Long delay goes from 35ms to 810ms. This mode is voiced for distorted lead tones or modern ambient sounds.
  • Dual delay. In this mode short and long delays on at the same time running in parallel.
  • Tapped long delay features a long delay with tap time.
  • Multi head is a rhythmic multihead delay.
  • Four adjustments are available for each delay: delay time, repeats, tone, and level.
  • Selectable buffered or true bypass.
  • Analog dry signal. Digital delay processing.tone and level adjusted post D/A conversion for a natural sound.
  • Mono input 
  • Mono output
  • Echo only output 
  • 9Vdc power supply input, 2.1mm plug center negative and positive sleeve


  • Supply voltage range 8.5V to 12V
  • Current consumption 80mA at 9VDC
  • Input impedance 500kΩ
  • Output impedance 1kΩ
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